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What Is WebPathReports?

WebPathReports is a browser-based software tool that provides medical information concerning patients' laboratory results to their physicians. The Internet site uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology to protect patient information in a HIPAA compliant environment. Access to the site is provided by the laboratory after a request is made to obtain laboratory results via WebPathReports. Only physicians that are clients of the laboratory can obtain security access to the site and only results of the patients that have been sent to the lab by the sending physician are made available to the sending physician. Should a patient have results at the lab that were sent by another physician, these results will not be made available to the requesting physician. Special security can be made available for those physician groups who are requesting that all patient results for a physician group be made available to medical practitioners within the physician group.

Once on the site, WebPathReports will provide status information (pending, available, etc.) about patient results most recently sent to the lab for evaluation. The physician can then view the results online or download a copy of the pathology report for viewing later and/or for file purposes. Reports are in a PDF format and can be printed on any Windows-based printer accessible to the physicians PC. Options for importing the report into the physician's office practice system or EMR system are also available, therefore providing a paperless environment if desired. Other features provide listings of patient results that are cancer diagnoses or suspicious findings. These reports can be obtained for various biopsy date ranges giving the physician a means to obtain weekly, monthly or annual reports without contacting the laboratory. In addition to the reporting capabilities, a message feature exists allowing the physician client to record notes online concerning specific cases that can also be viewed or printed later. Another messaging feature planned for the next release provides an avenue for the physician to communicate information concerning a patient case or miscellaneous information to the laboratory, i.e. requisition or container requests. The messaging system is self-contained within WebPathReports for the physician and pathology laboratory. It is not email based so messages always get to the intended recipient. Since the reports are available almost immediately upon completion, there will no longer be a need for the physician to wait for printed, faxed, or e-mailed reports. Plus, results are available around the clock, are accessible anywhere, and are stored indefinitely.

WebPathReports was created by Data Systems Integration Group Inc to facilitate the need for productivity and communication in the client physician / laboratory relationship. For more information about Data Systems Integration Group Inc, visit us at www.dsig-inc.com